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It’s Getting Hot In Here: Hot Sauce In The Midwest


This Oct. 5, 2015 photo shows homemade boozy hot sauce in Concord, NH. Matthew Mead/AP

Looking to spice things up? There are plenty of hot sauce options right here in the Midwest. 

Speaking on the 21st Show, Mike Bancroft, owner of Co-op Hot Sauce in Chicago, said the cherry bomb chili pepper is one of the most common in the Midwest and that the region, in general, has a milder palette.

Nick Kindelsperger, Chicago Tribune food and dining reporter, said he wasn't exposed to much spicy food growing up. As he began eating out and trying new foods, he quickly fell in love with hot sauce, saying he just finds "euphoria in spicy food." 

"It's a very legal way to find intense pleasure and pain at the same time," Kindelsperger said. 

Guests: Nick Kindelsperger, Chicago Tribune Food & Dining Reporter. Mike Bancroft, Owner, Co-op Hot Sauce in Chicago. Jeremy Walsh, Owner, BigFat’s Hot Sauce in Niles.

Prepared for web by WILL intern Sidney Madden. 

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