The 21st Show

Migrant Children Relocated To Illinois; ‘Poster Children’ Are Back; Are There Wolves In Illinois?


A demonstrator hold up a sign during a rally opposed to President Trump's family separation policy, in front of the White House in Washington, Thursday, June 21, 2018. Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

On the 21st: The latest on the thousands of children separated from their families and relocated to Illinois. And, Illinois punk rock band Poster Children talked with us about their latest album. Plus, are there any wolves in Illinois? One farmer has been paying close attention for years.

Some of the almost 3000 children separated from their families at our southern border are being resettled in Chicago-area facilities. 

We hear from the only organization the government has tasked to advocate for these children based here in Illinois.


The Poster Children are back! The punk rock quartet is out with their first album in 14 years. Grand Bargain is a return to the stage for the band, that flirted with reunited a few years back.

You might remember them from their tours all around the country the '90s and early 2000s, with albums like “Daisychain Reaction.”

Rick Valentin and Rose Marshack joined us here in studio.


Hundreds of years ago, wolves roamed free all over what would become the United States. But for the last few decades they’ve been driven nearly to extinction.

So when Jay Smith noticed a pack of canines roaming his family farm near the western Illinois town, he started setting up cameras to try and get a closer look.

Now he’s sent DNA samples to Chicago’s Field Museum to confirm whether these animals are in fact wolves, coyotes, or something entirely new. Jay Smith joined us on the line. Tom Gnoske was also with us, he’s assistant collections manager for the Field Museum. 

Story source: WILL