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Illinois Rivers; Visas and Foreign Doctors; Sending Aid to Guatemala; World Cup Without US


Photo courtesy of Prairie Rivers Network

On the 21st: How the Trump Administration could slow down the visa process for foreign doctors. Plus, we speak with the Consul General of Guatemala regarding the latest on a volcano eruption in his home country. And, we'll hear from hear from some of Illinois’ most passionate soccer fans about which World Cup bandwagon to jump on. But first, the current state of Illinois' waterways -- and how their health can affect ours.

Did you know there are 120,000 miles of rivers across Illinois. It’s not just an important source of our drinking water, but especially now that it’s summer, rivers and lakes are a great way to spend time outdoors.

So we thought we should check in the health of our waterways. Carol Hays, Executive Director of the Prairie Rivers Network - was in studio with us in Urbana. The Natural Resources Defense Council’s Josh Mogerman spoke with us on line today.


After a temporary delay, The Trump administration will now begin processing stalled or denied visa applications for international medical graduates trying to enter U.S. residency programs.

These highly-skilled, foreign born doctors-in-training are applying for H-1B visas. Long wait times and the delays I mentioned above have U.S. doctors worried about possible shortages, especially for rural and underserved populations.  

Illinois is one of the top three U.S. states that brings in doctors on H-1B visa programs. Nationally - we’re talking about 10,000 or so doctors.

Dr. John Cullen, President-elect of the American Academy of Family Physicians and Kristen Harris, an immigration attorney at Harris Immigration Law in Chicago joined us to talk about this matter.


On June 3rd the Volcan de Fuego - or ‘Volcano of Fire’ erupted near Guatemala’s capital. Two days later, it erupted again. More than a hundred people have died - and as many as 200 people are still missing. This disaster has affected the lives of not just the entire nation of Guatemala, but Guatemalans around the world.

Illinois is home to about 50,000 Guatemalans, mainly in the Chicago area. And community members have been trying to find ways to support those who need help more than 2000 miles away.

We were joined by Billy Muñoz, the Consul General of the Guatemalan Consulate in Chicago. 


If you’re a fan of men’s soccer, you probably remember that moment from last October when the US men's national team lost to Trinidad and Tobago. That shocking upset meant that the US men’s team failed to make the World Cup for the first time in 31 years.

But even though the U-S won’t be there, the World Cup is still the largest sporting event in the world. It starts this week - and soccer fans all over Illinois are getting ready.

Cooper Kennard, Vice President of American Outlaws Bloomington joined us to talk about the World Cup.

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