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Oswego Businessman James Marter On Why He’s Running For U.S. Senate


With the Illinois Primary coming up next week on March 15th, we’ve been speaking to candidates across the state. Oswego businessman James Marter is among the three Democrats and two Republicans vying for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by republican Mark Kirk.

When asked why he decided to run, Oswego businessman James Marter said that he was happy with the performance of his state representative and U.S. congressman, but felt that U.S. Senator Mark Kirk voted with fellow Illinois senator, Democrat Dick Durbin saying that Kirk “doesn’t know what it’s like to be a Republican”.

James Marter

Oswego businessman James Marter

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Marter 4 Senate Campaign

Marter said in particular he objected to Kirk’s votes to continue funding women’s health center Planned Parenthood and to “continue funding sanctuary cities.” He also said he found Kirk’s “F” rating from the NRA troubling.

“Every time [I worked outside the United States] I went with work permits, I went with work visas, I did the specific job I was invited in to do and then I left when I was done. We need to enforce that same standard on people in our country no matter what they’re coming for,” said Marter. “We need to enforce the law, enforce our border, and there should be no more amnesty program.”  

If elected, Marter said his first priority would be to work to repeal the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, but reducing government spending is also important to him.   

“We need to stop spending money on things that Washington has no business spending money on and we need to get to a balanced budget, and those are the things that’s wrong with Washington and those are the things that as a businessman – you know we know how to eliminate redundancy,” said Marter.  

Marter says his political views are tied to his understanding of the U.S. Constitution – a factor very important for any Supreme Court nominees he would support.

“I will only stand for nominees who understand what the constitution is and actually will follow it,” said Marter. “The senate has an advice and consent responsibility under the constitution. I will uphold it, there’s no timeline on that.”

When asked what presidential candidate he was supporting, Marter said Senator Ted Cruz, but added he appreciated the points raised by candidate Donald Trump and would support whoever eventually gained the Republican nomination.

This week we have also spoken with former Chicago Urban League CEO Andrea Zopp and state senator Napoleon Harris. Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth and Senator Mark Kirk are also running, but declined repeated requests for interviews.

You can also find out more about this race and all the races in the March 15th primary through our partnership with Voter’s Edge.

Story source: WILL