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Impossible Pork Coming To Springfield


Ross D. Franklin/Associated Press

This week, the California based company Impossible Foods announced it will be testing out a new plant based pork patty in select Burger King locations. Springfield is one of just five cities nationwide where the soy-based sausage will debut later this month. 

With products like plant based ground beef, fried chicken and now pork, companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat have helped spur the growth of the meatless meat industry. Last year alone, U.S. sales of plant based meat jumped 10 percent to nearly a billion dollars. That’s according to Nielsen. 

In addition to vegan and vegetarian consumers, plant based alternatives have gained support from customers who are concerned about the environmental costs of raising and consuming meat. 

Harold Wilken, owner of Janie’s Farm Organics in Danforth and Sheril Kirshenbaum, an associate research scientist at Michigan State University and host of WKAR’s podcast, ‘Serving Up Science.’ joined us.

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