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‘Motive’ Podcast Explores Sexual Assault Allegations Abroad

In the summer of 2015, while studying abroad in Seville, Spain, Lauren Bajorek tragically fell off a balcony and died while celebrating her 21st birthday.

Authorities ruled her death and alcohol-fueled accident.

Years later, more than 25 women came forward with sexual assault allegations about the tour guide who was with Bajorek, Manuel Blanco Vela.

In light of the allegations, Alexandra Salomon and Candance Mittel Kahn from WBEZ began investigating this story in their podcast ‘Motive.”

A large theme to the podcast is the shame and judgement that women going out drinking, especially American women in foreign countries, and something bad happens to them.

The women on the podcast talk about their unwillingness to go to the police about the assaults and their apprehension to be the first one to come forward.

Guests: Alexandra Salomon, editor of Motive Podcast. Candace Mittel Kahn, host of Motive Podcast.

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