The 21st Show

Cooking for Eid; New Dinosaur in the Field Museum; Communication Strategies


Photo courtesy of Abeer Najjar

On the 21st: How two Muslim-American food bloggers are planning for Eid. Also, the Field Museum's newest addition: the world's largest dinosaur. And, we talk with G. Riley Mills about how to use communication for success.

Muslims around North America and right here in Illinois - celebrate the end of the holy month of Ramadan with Eid beginning tonight at sundown. There’s usually lots of food involved - and what you serve is really up to you:

We talked Eid - and food - with Yvonne Maffei. She’s the author and blogger of My Halal Kitchen. Chicago based food blogger Abeer Najjar was also on the line with us. 


Visitors to the Chicago Field Museum might remember SUE- the T-Rex who called Stanley Field Hall home for more than a decade. Well - if you thought Sue was big - today’s guests might be surprised to see a new goliath greet them as they walk into the massive atrium at the museum.

Maximo is his name and at 122 feet, he’s the world’s largest known dinosaur. Originally from, Argentina, this titanosaur would have weighed a daunting 70 tons back when he roamed the Earth 100-million years ago. Now, his 8 foot high femur reminds visitors just how powerful this plant-eater once was.

Last week, I had a chance to meet Maximo at the Field Museum. Bill Simpson is the collections manager of fossil vertebrae for the museum and is also the head of geological collections there, and we got a chance to talk about Maximo with him today.


Here’s a speech you don’t want to give:

"My name is Phil Davison and I am seeking our party’s nomination."

This example of communication gone awry - which led to this unfortunate local official’s viral Web video a few years ago - is used by my next guest when he’s teaching people how to better communicate.

Gary Mills is the co-founder of Pinnacle Performance Company, a global communication skills firm based in Chicago. He’s speaking at the annual Society for Human Resource Management conference in Chicago next week about his new book. It’s called "THE BULLSEYE PRINCIPLE: Mastering Intention-Based Communication to Collaborate, Execute, and Succeed." And he was with us at our studios at Northwestern University in Evanston.

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