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Previewing Illinois’ 15th And 17th Congressional Races


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One week ahead of the Illinois primary, several congressional races in the state are being closely watched, including Illinois' 15th and 17th districts. 

Illinois’ 15th Congressional District has an open seat. The district, which has historically voted Republican, has garnered a lot of interest from both parties. A total of eight candidates — four Republicans and four Democrats — are running for the seat. 

Jim Meadows, senior reporter for Illinois Newsroom, interviewed all the candidates in the district. Speaking on "The 21st," Meadows says a Democratic victory seems unlikely given the district's voting history and the financial resources of the candidates.  

In 2016, the 17th District voted for Rep. Cheri Bustos, the Democratic incumbent, and for President Trump. Now, Bustos, who is running unopposed on the Democratic ticket, faces two Republican challengers. 

Early voting has already begun, and the Illinois primary is March 17.

Guests: Tim Shelley, news director at WCBU Public Radio in Peoria. Jim Meadows, senior reporter for WILL and Illinois Newsroom in Urbana.

Prepared for web by WILL intern Sidney Madden. 

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