The 21st Show

Sen. Dick Durbin; Young Evangelical Christians & Climate Change; IL Women’s Volleyball in Final Four


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On The 21st: The federal government could be headed for yet another shutdown over the issue of immigration. We'll speak with Senator Dick Durbin about this and other news. Plus, a new generation of evangelical Christians is hoping to move the needle on climate change action within their congregations. The University of Illinois’ women’s volleyball team is headed to the Final Four! We’ll check in on that and some of the latest pro sports news in Chicago.

Today, Congressional Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are sitting down with President Trump, to have a conversation about a potential government shutdown, again, another confrontation over President Trump’s border wall. This is the final scheduled week of the Senate meeting for the 2018 session. We also finally have the text of the final farm bill which was released last night.

This week we’re catching up with Senators Durbin and Duckworth.

We spoke with Senator Dick Durbin earlier this morning from Washington DC.


This month leaders from nearly 200 countries are gathering in Poland to try to move the ball forward on batling climate change as part of the UN Conference of Parties.

And here at home, we have our own internal battle when it comes to climate change, not just along political lines, but philosophical ones, as well. While Democrats are not surprisingly fairly unified in their beliefs on climate change, a PEW report found that there’s a huge divide when it comes to older Republicans and their millennial counterparts. Younger voters are more likely to support pro-environment policies. And the same can be said for Evangelical voters, long a political powerhouse.

Meera Subramanian wrote about this young crop of Evangelicals fighting against climate change for Inside Climate Change News, and she joined us on the line.

We also spoke with Diego Hernandez, a sophomore at Wheaton College profiled in Meera’s piece. Riley Balikian is a member of national steering committee for Young Evangelicals for Climate Action, a geophysicist at the Illinois State Geological Survey and also a Wheaton Grad. He joined us as well. 


The University of Illinois’ women’s volleyball team is headed to the Final Four! The team is traveling to Minneapolis to face off against Nebraska this Thursday at 8 pm. Central.

Brian Moline was at the game against Wisconsin, which took place in Huff Hall on the Urbana campus. Brian is managing editor of WILL and joined us in studio. 

And, unlike last year, the Bears are having a good season and could clinch a playoff spot next week. The Chicago Bulls? Not so much. The Bears are 9 and 4 and could go to the playoffs this time. The Bulls on the other hand are a bit of a mess, to say the least. Not just because of their losing record, but because of some drama in the locker room.

Darnell Mayberry is a senior writer for The Athletic in Chicago. He covers the Bulls and he joined us on the line. 

Also joining us as always we had Cheryl Raye Stout,  sports contributor for WBEZ. 

Story source: WILL