The 21st Show

The Stopgap Budget; Summer Books - Guilty Pleasures; Does Facebook Know Where You Are?

Collection of book covers

Travis Stansel

On The 21st: Now that we have a temporary stopgap budget, what are the groups that had lobbied hard for a full budget saying? We heard from a variety of stakeholders including Greg Baise, Illinois Manufaturers Association President; John Bouman, Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law and Chair of the Responsible Budget Coalition; and Keith Kelleher, SEIU Heakthcare Illinois President.

Also, three student librarians, part of the University of Illinois's American Library Association student chapter, stop by the studio to help us compile our latest list: books you might be embarrassed to admit you've read! We're calling it our guilty pleasures list, and it's compiled by Rachelle Brandel, Jesus Espinoza and Anna Lapp. Do you have other suggestions? Email us:, or tweet us.

We also spoke with Kashmir Hill about her recent Fusion story on Facebook's use of smartphone location data to give friend recommendations to its users.

Hill has since published an update to her initial story after a Facebook spokesperson told her that the company no longer uses such data to make the recommendations.

Writes Hill: "I have reportorial whiplash. I’ve never had a spokesperson confirm and then retract a story so quickly."

Story source: WILL