The 21st Show

Supreme Court Case Affecting Unions; Tech for Stroke Patients; Gov. Candidate Robert Marshall

Supreme Court union fees

Supporters of Illinois government employee Mark Janus cheer as he walks to thank them, outside the Supreme Court, Monday, Feb. 26, 2018, in Washington. The Supreme Court takes up a challenge Monday in a case that could deal a painful financial blow to organized labor. The court is considering a challenge to an Illinois law that allows unions representing government employees to collect fees from workers who choose not to join. Jacquelyn Martin/AP

On the 21st: We talked to University of Illinois College of Law Dean Vikram Amar and Reporter Brian Mackey about the Supreme Court case 'Janus v. AFSCME' and its impact on unions. Also, new technology is being developed to help stroke patients. Then, our last gubernatorial candidate interview, this time with Democrat Dr. Robert Marshall.

Story source: WILL