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The Musical ‘Assassins’; Dr. Eli Finkel On Good Relationships; ‘The Brain Scoop’


Darrell Hoemann/University of Illinois

On this encore edition of The 21st: The Sondheim musical 'Assassins' explores the lives of people who have attempted to assassinate U.S. presidents. Plus, Dr. Eli Finkel, author of the book 'The All Or Nothing Marriage' on what makes a good romantic relationship in 2018. And, Emily Graslie, host of the Field Museum's 'The Brain Scoop', on her work and the new species of butterfly that was just named after her.

There have been 20 assassination attempts - four fatal - on the 45 men who have held office as President of the United States.

Back in February, the University of Illinois performed a production of Sondheim’s Assassins at the Illinois Theatre. During the play’s final weekend, we caught up with Director J.W. Morrissette. In addition to being the director, JW is also the assistant head for academic programs in the theater department.


Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but it’s never a bad time to talk about what makes a good relationship.

Back in February, we had a chance to speak with the professional marriage doctor, Eli Finkel. He is a professor of Social Psychology, Management and Organizations at Northwestern University. He’s also the author of a book called The All or Nothing Marriage.


Five years ago, Emily Graslie was hired to be the “Chief Curiosity Correspondent” for Chicago’s Field Museum - in part, for her popular Youtube channel called The Brain Scoop. If you’ve ever watched it, you know that Emily is all about science, museums, and communicating all that work to the public in an accessible way.

Back in March, she was recognized for her work in an unusual way. Scientists named a new species of butterfly after her. They’re calling it wahydra graslieae.

We had a chance to speak with Emily back in March when this was announced. 


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