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‘Truth In Our Times’ With David McCraw; A Preview Of Ebertfest 2019


Alan Montecillo/Illinois Public Media

One of Illinois’ biggest film festival is back this week! Chaz Ebert joins us to talk about the line-up that moviegoers can expect during this year’s Ebertfest. But first, David McCraw is one of the chief lawyers for the New York Times. And the Central Illinois native has a new book out called 'Truth In Our Times: Inside The Fight For Press Freedom in An Age Of Alternative Facts.'

David McCraw is the lawyer who’s letter to President Trump went viral, in a big way, two years ago. The letter was to President Trump’s lawyers, who wanted the Times to retract a story featuring two women who accused the President of touching them inappropriately years ago.

Now, Illinois native and New York Times Deputy General Counsel McCraw is the voice behind 'Truth in Our Times: Inside the Fight for Press Freedom in the Age of Alternative Facts.' He joined us in our Urbana studio. 


This year’s Ebertfest starts Wednesday at the Virgina Theater in Champaign. This is the 21st year of the iconic film festival that brings Hollywood stars to Central Illinois. CEO Of Ebert Companies and Ebertfest Festival producer Chaz Ebert joined us on the line from Chicago.

Story source: WILL