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Update On Sexual Harassment At U Of I


A University of Illinois investigative report concluded that U of I Law School professor Jay Kesan violated the university's sexual misconduct policy. The law firm hired by the university to investigate new claims of Kesan's alleged misconduct recommended that “significant employment action be taken” against the tenured professor.

The professor was previously investigated by university officials after three women came forward with allegations against him. That investigation found that Kesan violated the university's code of conduct but not its sexual harassment policy. The second investigation included allegations from 15 women. 

Law students at the U of I were unhappy with the result of the first investigation and demanded reforms to the university's sexual harassment policy, including hiring more investigators in the school's Title IX office.

Kathy Lee, an Urbana resident, spoke publicly about Kesan's case during a #MeToo forum at the law school in 2018. 

“My motivation was really to try and protect other students, faculty and other people who were interacting with Kesan, because it just seemed like there was potential for this to continue," she said. 

The allegations against Kesan include a former students’ account of inappropiate touching. 

Kesan said there's a lack of evidence to support the findings of the latest investigation, and he believes he's being treated unfairly by the University.

Kesan is currently not allowed on campus and is on paid administrative leave.

Guests: Rachel Otwell, a reporter for the Illinois Times. Kathy Lee, an Urbana resident with friends at the College of Law.

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