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A report looks at how Illinois’ limited regulations on homeschooling leave children at risk


Thousands of children in our state are homeschooled. Parents who decide to homeschool are required by state law to follow the same educational standards as public schools. But the law doesn't say how they have to go about that. The state can't require parents to demonstrate how they teach, their curriculum or testing outcomes. As the regulations are set up now, it's difficult for officials to investigate or intervene when homeschooling concerns arise.

Today, we are joined by two reporters who investigated this issue. Molly Parker and Beth Hundsdorfer are reporters from Capitol News Illinois. 

First, we'll learn what is not isn't regulated in the world of Illinois homeschooling. Parker and Hundsdorfer will talk about the stories of some homeschooled children they investigated for their report. 

Finally, we'll discuss how several superintendents at regional offices of education across the state feel about the issue and what they can do. 


Beth Hundsdorfer

Investigative Reporter, Capitol News Illinois

Molly Parker

Reporter, Capitol News Illinois