The 21st Show

As Stay-at-Home Restrictions Ease, How to Stay Safe?


Brian Mackey/Illinois Public Media

It’s been more than two months since Illinois’ stay-at-home orders began. Many of us share a feeling of uncertainty about when things will slowly begin to return to normal in our communities. What might going back to the office look like a few weeks or months from now? Or eating inside a restaurant?

There are still a lot of questions about the level of risk we’re assuming in doing those things — and what activities are less risky — as we try to adjust to a new way of life during a pandemic. We sought out an expert to answer some of our questions, including:

  • What are some of the specific dangers that an enclosed office presents when it comes to COVID-19?
  • How do you recommend that people weigh those risks when they’re deciding whether or not their workplace is safe? 
  • When restaurants open, what would be the risks of sitting and eating in an enclosed space with strangers, even if they maintain six feet?
  • Is it important to wear a mask if we are just briefly interacting with someone?
  • Is it necessary to wear a mask while running or walking?
  • How can people deal with "quarantine fatigue"?

Guests: Dr. Susan Bleasdale, Medical Director of infection control and an infectious disease physician at the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System