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Best of: Who are America’s justice systems meant to serve?

Daniel Hatcher is the author of the new book

Daniel Hatcher is the author of the new book "Injustice Inc." It explores how America's justice system is set up and why it's so difficult to affect change within it.

The nature of the United States' history and the inequalities rooted in it means that justice systems here have been imperfect at best. But some argue that justice systems across the country have only veered further away from those ideals over time, losing sight of them in the name of efficiency and revenue. 

We were joined by a professor of law to discuss the foundations of our justice system and how children and marginalized communities are affected by the operations of that system.

This conversation originally aired Feb. 9, 2023.


Daniel L. Hatcher

Professor of Law, University of Baltimore's Civil Advocacy Clinic | Author, “Injustice, Inc.: How America’s Justice System Commodifies Children and the Poor”



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