The 21st Show

Senator Peters speaks on Black Caucus’ goals, migrant assistance, and Safe-T Act progress


AP Photo/John O'Connor

Today, we're looking into the efforts of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, led by State Senator Robert Peters, as they focus on legislative priorities that center around equity and justice.

Their approach this session involves advocating for a balanced budget that emphasizes support for low-income and working families and underscores the importance of educational opportunities, from early childhood to K-12 education.

Alongside financial and educational reforms, the Caucus is actively working on the Safe-T Act, a comprehensive package aimed at overhauling the justice system and enhancing law enforcement accountability.

These initiatives reflect a broader commitment to tackling systemic inequalities and ensuring that the needs and interests of the Black community in Illinois are addressed and met with tangible actions and policies


State Sen. Robert Peters

Chair, Illinois Senate Black Caucus

D-Chicago • 13th District (Lakefront, from Navy Pier, through Hyde Park, to the Indiana border)