The 21st Show

How Illinois Booksellers Are Adapting During the Stay at Home Order


Bobzbay Books / Liz Aspbury

We talk with Illinois booksellers about what they’re reading now and how their businesses are adapting to the stay-at-home order.

Over the past few weeks, local businesses have been having to figure out how to keep their doors open while also maintaining social distancing during the stay at home order. 



For many small businesses, that has meant migrating their services online or offering curbside pick-up. That’s no different for Illinois booksellers. The once tactile and visual experience of wandering into your local bookstore is on hold for now... but nevertheless, store owners have been finding different ways to connect with readers across the state. 

Guests: Liz Aspbury is the owner of Bobzbay, a used book and media store in downtown Bloomington.

Suzy Takacs is the owner of The Book Cellar in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago. 

John Alexander, owner of Books on the Square in Springfield and Virden.