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The Future of Renewable Energy


Reginald Hardwick/Illinois Newsroom

This year in Springfield, lawmakers are advancing at least six different bills aimed at making the state's energy industry more green. The Clean Energy Jobs Act aims to make Illinois 100 percent reliant on clean and renewable energy by 2050. The Path To 100 is a similar plan and supporters say it would create more than 53,000 jobs. And the Climate Union Jobs Act would make sure nuclear power remains a big part of our energy infrastructure. We talked with three guests about the plans, plus the effects on jobs and consumers if they became law.

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Jen Walling, Executive Director, Illinois Environmental Council (IEC)

Sen. Mike Hastings, (D-Frankfort), Sponsor, Climate Union Jobs Act

Jonathan Feipel, Spokesman, Path to 100 and former executive director, Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC)


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