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Retirement Communities Combatting Isolation Through Technology


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As we continue to practice social distancing, isolation and loneliness are affecting many- especially seniors. We’ll hear more about how one retirement community is keeping their residents connected through technology. 

It’s more crucial now than ever that the elderly stay away from others as the coronavirus pandemic and the stay at home order continue. But, a lack of connection and loss of routine can amplify feelings of loneliness and isolation for seniors- a group that is already one of the most susceptible to those feelings. 

One way many people have started to connect during the coronavirus pandemic is through technology and social media. But some older people are not comfortable navigating new technologies or they may not have access to smartphones or even broadband. 

Kathleen Cagney is a professor of sociology at the University of Chicago. We also spoke with Karen Blatzer, who is the Director of Marketing, Clark-Lindsey- a not-for-profit retirement community in Urbana.