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Public Health Experts Encourage Nursing Homes To Take Extra Precautions


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Written for web by WILL intern Tatiania Perry

Illinois’ 400 nursing homes and retirement communities are taking measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Health experts say that the elderly are most at risk of complications from the coronavirus. Speaking on The 21st, Dr. Theresa Rowe, an infectious disease specialist at Northwerstern Medicine, says those working in nursing homes have a responsibility to stay home if they feel ill. 

Deb Reardanz, president and CEO of not-for-profit retirement community Clark-Lindsey, said they're taking all possible precautions.

“And now we are in the process of closing down to essential visitors only, so again, turning away visitors that aren’t absolutely essential to the healthcare we're providing or the wellbeing of the resident,” Reardanz said.

The retirement community is also practicing social distancing by canceling group activites.

Guests: Dr. Theresa Rowe, a geriatrician and infectious disease specialist at Northwerstern Medicine. Matt Hartman, executive director of Illinois Health Care Association. Deb Reardanz, president and CEO of not-for-profit retirement community Clark-Lindsey in Urbana.