Illinois Election Update And How You Can Be A Poll Worker


Bill Smith

Election Day is just under a week away and nearly 2.5 million Illinois residents have cast their ballots either by mail or in-person at early-voting sites. Already that’s closing in on 45% of the ballots cast in the presidential race four years ago and it shatters early voting records for the state. Meanwhile, activists continue trying to encourage even more people to vote. 

To give us an update on the election in Illinois, The 21st is joined by Matt Dietrich, a spokesperson for the Illinois Board of Elections


Matt Dietrich, spokesperson for the Illinois Board of Elections

Ryan Pierannunzi, Program Manager at Work Election’s poll worker recruitment program

Adriana Vaca, first time pollworker and recent graduate of UIUC  (Editor's note: Vaca is a cousin of The 21st intern Chantal Vaca)


Prepared for web by Zainab Qureshi

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