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Author Elizabeth Hinton on Civil Rights and Black Rebellion



According to author and Yale professor Elizabeth Hinton, urban rioting in Black communities in the 1960s is better understood not as mere destruction, but as a political act — in other words, “rebellion.” She’s also shown that it was far more widespread, and lasted many more years, than was generally previously understood.

Although conventional wisdom is that the Black rebellions of the 1960s largely ended after the assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968, she finds it lasted for several more years, and spread across America — not just in big cities like Chicago and Detroit, but in smaller communities such as Evanston, Champaign, Urbana, Peoria, Springfield, Decatur and Cairo, among many others.

Hinton's latest book is America on Fire: The Untold History of Police Violence and Black Rebellion Since the 1960s.


Elizabeth Hinton @elizabhinton
Associate professor of history and African-American studies; professor of law
Yale University, Yale Law School

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