Encore: Chicago Singer-Songwriter V.V. Lightbody Finds Her Voice on Sophomore LP, ‘Make a Shrine or Burn It’


Rachel Winslow

On the eve of her second solo album release, Chicago singer songwriter Vivian McConnell, otherwise known as  V.V. Lightbody, joined The 21st to talk about growing up in a musical family, the origins of “nap rock” and making a name for herself. Plus a performance, just for us.

V.V. Lightbody is the solo project of Chicago singer/songwriter Vivian McConnell. After growing up in Dixon and going to the University of Illinois, Vivian made a name for herself playing in the Chicago groups Grandkids and Santah, before releasing her first solo album as V.V. Lightbody in 2018. 

Now with her sophomore LP, Make a Shrine or Burn It, McConnell is building off of the “nap rock” themes of her debut, but refusing to be defined by the label. 

"I wanted to be more bold and I had an attitude of impermanence. I didn't really look at it as an end all be all," McConnell says. "I kind of just didn't say no on the making of the new record." 

Make a Shrine or Burn It came out May 1 but we had a change to speak with Vivian from her home in Chicago.