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Encore: How To Talk About Social Distancing When You Need Some Space


The "stay-at-home" order in Illinois and the temporary ban on large gatherings due to the coronavirus, have upended the way we interact with one another.

But social distancing measures are important to keep the coronavirus from spreading and to prevent the healthcare system from being overwhelmed, according to public health officials.

Not everyone is heeding this advice, though. Whether it’s young people who insist on going to the beach, or an older parent who insists on continuing their regular shopping trips.

Conversations about staying home, or even needing space while being at home, are tough but necessary to keep our communities healthy. We spoke with Alexandra Solomon, a licensed clinical psychologist at Northwestern University's Family Institute, about some strategies for talking with our friends and loved ones about social distancing.  

Guests: Alexandra Solomon, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology, Northwestern University.