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Masks, Deafness and COVID-19 (rebroadcast)



Editor's Note: This interview originally aired in January 2021. 

Throughout the pandemic, many of us have adapted to communicating through screens, for work, school, medical appointments and even family holidays this year. However, people who are deaf or have experienced hearing loss have been relying on these technologies for some time now. 

The 21st spoke with the Manager of Community Outreach and Advocacy at Chicago Hearing Society and a member of the deaf community to talk more about some of the challenges people who are deaf experience trying to communicate through masks, and ways people who are hearing can help make things like Zoom meetings more accessible for everyone.

We spoke to Elle through a sign language interpreter, which is the voice you heard during the interview. 


Michelle (Elle) Mendiola, Manager of Community Outreach and Advocacy at Chicago Hearing Society (CHS)


Prepared for web by Zainab Qureshi

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