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End-of-Life Discussions: Tough But Necessary


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As of Monday morning, more than 1,200 have died in Illinois and more than 40,000 have died across the country because of coronavirus. Because of the nature of the virus, and its contagiousness, a patient's final days look different -- with no visitors allowed and families having to mourn their loved ones alone.  COVID-19 has forced many people to plan and discuss end of life plans, regardless of age or underlying health conditions. 


Richard Kaplan, University of Illinois law professor who specializes in health and elder law, and actually developed one of the first law school courses on the topic

Paul Pedersen, M.D., internist and Chief Medical Officer for OSF St. Joseph Medical Center and immediate past president of the Illinois State Medical Society


Click here for COVID-19 Shared Decision-Making Tool

Click here for Illinois State Medical Society Advance Directives Resources

Advance directives booklet includes:

  • A Living Will Form
  • Statutory Short Form for Power of Attorney for
  • Health Care
  • Illinois Official Statutory Declaration for Mental
  • Health Treatment Form
  • Organ Donor Card
  • Uniform DNR Advance Directive Physician Orders for
  • Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST)