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Finding Black And Latino focused news in Illinois

Covers of Reflejos, N'DIGO and Borderless magazines

Covers of Reflejos, N'DIGO and Borderless magazines

These days, you can find news anywhere, but not all sources are trustworthy. So we at 'The 21st' are asking: "Who’s in charge of the news?" Today, we talked to leaders of Black and Latino-focused media organizations about the history and objectives of their organizations, access to news that isn't centered on White communities, and more.


Hermene Hartman

Founder and publisher of N'DIGO, a journalistic media organization based in Chicago founded in 1989.

Michelle Kanaar

Co-founder and art director of Borderless Magazine, a non-profit news outlet based in Chicago covering immigrants and communities of color.

Lord Mic Williams

President of the Peoria Black Chamber of Commerce, Marketing and Communications Director for the Illinois State Black Chamber of Commerce | Former radio host on Power 92.3 in Peoria

Linda Siete

General Manager for Reflejos, a weekly bilingual publication published by The Daily Herald Group



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