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Gaining Family Again After 48 Years

Left: Reginald Hardwick, Right: Elzie Johnson

Left: Reginald Hardwick, Right: Elzie Johnson Photo courtesy of Reginald Hardwick

Vietnam native Reginald Hardwick, recently got in touch with his birth-father and journeyed to meet him after 48 years of not knowing each other. Hardwick was born in Vietnam in 1973 but lived with his adoptive parents in Colorado his entire childhood life — unknowingly less than 100 miles away from his birth father, Elzie Johnson. 

The 21st was joined by them both to discuss them meeting for the first time and what Father's Day means to them this year. 


Reginald Hardwick, News Director at Illinois Public Media 

Elzie Johnson, Reginald Hardwick’s birth father

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