The 21st Show

Honoring Illinoisan rock n’ roll stars at a Joliet museum


Photo from Illinois Rock & Roll Museum's Facebook

In Joliet is where the Illinois Rock and Roll Museum resides. It recently announced its fourth class of inductees into its Hall of Fame, who now join the ranks of the Champaign-born band REO Speedwagon.

Joining us on the 21st, is the CEO and founder of this museum, Ron Romero. He'll share where the idea for this museum came from, big names they already have in their Hall of Fame, and what else is honored there besides rock and roll. We'll also hear about the process of how one gets chosen to be inducted.

Closing things off, we'll hear about Steve Albini's legacy, as he was a legendary producer that lived in Illinois, and passed away due to heart attack earlier this week.


Ron Romero

Founder, CEO, Illinois Rock & Roll Museum