The 21st Show

How does global warming affect our brains?


Climate change not only impacts our environment, but according to Clay Aldern, our guest on the 21st, it also influences our brains.

We'll cover multiple studies that dig into this idea of our brains being affected by weather, especially how heat seems to make people lose their compassion. We'll hear about how pitchers are more likely to intentionally hit batters with their pitches when it's a hotter day, and drivers honking longer when the temperature is high.

Then, we'll discuss how long summer currently is versus how long it used to be, and how climate is sort of an idea, rather than something tangible.

To close off our show, we'll see if we can individually do something to deal with global warming, or if it's all doom and gloom from here.


Clayton "Clay" Page Aldern

Author, "The Weight of Nature"; former neuroscientist; senior data reporter, Grist