The 21st Show

How people and animals can stay safe as we get deeper into tick season

A small tick, on the left, and a large tick, on the right, are displayed on a black background.

Asian longhorned ticks are an invasive species that are brown in color with little to no distinguishing markings. They are smaller than many of our native ticks. Photo by Centers for Disease Control

Ticks have become more common as the years go on, and with them, they've brought more of the diseases they can spread to humans and other animals.

Teresa Steckler, an educator and specialist in commercial agriculture, and Chris Stone, a director for the Medical Entomology Lab, join us on the 21st today to tell us more about ticks. 

First, we'll learn about a new kind of tick that was recently detected in Morgan County in the western part of our state, the Asian longhorned tick. We'll talk about the threats this kind of tick may pose to livestock and farmers, and how we can differentiate it from other ticks.

We'll close out the show by learning about how people can protect themselves and their animals against ticks this season. 


Teresa Steckler

Educator, Extension Specialist in Commercial Agriculture

Chris Stone

Lab director at The Medical Entomology Lab at the Illinois Natural History Survey