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How to Talk to Your Child About Race


There is little doubt that we are in a pivotal moment as a country. We are not only confronting racial injustice in policing, but we are also reevaluating the structures of systemic racism that exist in our society. A great responsibility lies on the shoulders of parents right now; talking to children about the role race has in society from a young age could change how the future of racial justice is molded.  

Dr. Cynthia Langtiw, professor of clinical psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, joins The 21st to talk about how to talk to children about race and modeling navigating uncomfortable situations as parents.  

"I think what's helpful is to talk about the system of racism, one that so many across movements are working to dismantle," says Langtiw. "Kids really get the idea of fairness. We can point out unfair situations to them."


Dr. Cynthia Langtiw, professor in the Department of Clinical Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.