The 21st Show

Illinois News Roundup - March 22, 2024


It's time for our Friday Reporter Roundtable, today we'll focus on Rockford and Dekalb, and the Quad Cities.

First, we'll cover the Boone County Board's reconsideration for a ban on a Mexican rodeo practice, steer-tailing. Then, the latest State of the City addresses given by both the Moline and East Moline mayors, and the reinstatement of a controversial figure in the Catholic Diocese of Davenport.

Following that, Rockfordians called for a ceasefire to the Isreali-Hamas War through a march, we'll reflect on the feelings shared during that time.

We'll close off the roundtable by talking about the significance of a basketball tournament in the Quad Cities, called Hoops in the Heartland.

This conversation was taped prior to the Boone County board voting on a motion to ban steer tailing. On Thursday night, the board decided to not take it up for a vote. While some were relieved for the board's decision , an animal rights organization pledged to continue to push for a ban. This is the second year in a row that Mexican rodeo operators have fend off attempts to ban steer tailing in the county.


Rachel Duckett

Fellowship Host and Reporter

Maria Gardner Lara

Reporter, WNIJ — Northern Public Radio