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Interview: US Sen. Dick Durbin Regarding SCOTUS Nominee

US Dick Durbin (R-IL)

US Dick Durbin (R-IL) PBS screen shot

The Senate Judiciary Committee has set an October 22 vote on recommending approval of Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court nomination. Republicans are racing to confirm President Donald Trump’s pick and Democrats acknowledging there is little they can do stop them. Her confirmation would lock conservative majority on the court for years to come. Thursday’s session is without Barrett after she testified publicly for two days of questioning. It is a procedural formality setting the panel's vote next week. In her Senate testimony, Barrett has stressed that she would be her own judge and sought to create distance between herself and past positions.

U.S. senators wrapped up their questioning of Supreme Court nominee and Judge Amy Coney Barrett on Wednesday. Among those asking the questions was Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL). Early Thursday morning, before the hearings began, Brian Mackey spoke to the senator about Barrett.


Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL)

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