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Investigating deaths at the Thomson prison


Jenna Dooley/WNIJ

Bobby Everson. Matthew Phillips. Edsen Aaron Badoni. Boyd Weekley. Patrick Bacon. Shay Paniry. James Everett.

Since 2019, these seven individuals have died – by suspected homicide or alleged suicide – at the United States Penitentiary in Thomson, a village of fewer than 1,000 people in northwest Illinois.

The Marshall Project's Christie Thompson and NPR's Joe Shapiro co-published an investigation of the prison entitled How the newest federal prison became one of the deadliestThey join The 21st Show to discuss the suspicious deaths. 


Christie Thompson
Staff Writer, The Marshall Project

Joseph Shapiro
NPR News Investigations Correspondent

#ConsiderThis: The prison in Thomson, Illinois was supposed to be safer. But an investigation by NPR and The Marshall Project found that the newest U.S. penitentiary has quickly become one of the deadliest.

— All Things Considered (@npratc) June 1, 2022