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Judicial Declaration of Independence


Capitol News Illinois

Members of several judicial and legal groups across Illinois submitted what they’re calling the 'Judicial Declaration of Independence.' The document says that Illinois courts can only function if they’re viewed as doing their jobs in an impartial way. It also criticizes threats against judges, which it says have been happening more frequently. 

“Judges are called upon to make decisions on controversial and hotly contested matters.  We make these decisions because we have been given a position of trust in our communities.  The voters should be able to determine whether we retain that position of trust based upon whether our rulings are fair and well grounded in the law, not whether we adhere to anyone’s political ideology.”


Eileen O’Neill Burke

Appellate Justice in Illinois’ 1st District in Cook County | President of the Illinois Judges Association

Rory T. Weiler

President of the Illinois State Bar Association

Anna Demacopoulos

Cook County Circuit Court Judge, Chancery Division