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Creating a hit book through self-publishing


Dan Klefstad Facebook photo from WNIJ

Approximately 80% of Americans believe they have a book in them, yet writing, publishing, and promoting a book is a daunting task for many. Today's discussion on The 21st explores self-publishing as a unique path to publishing success, highlighting the roles of social media, public media, and luck in this process. It also covers book adaptations and coping with rejection.

The guest, Dan Klefstad, author of "Fiona’s Guardians" and a former Morning Edition host at WNIJ in DeKalb, Illinois, shares insights from his experience..


Dan Klefstad

Author, "DIY Book Promo: How to Find Readers without Spending Money"

[Retired] Morning Edition Host, WNIJ — Northern Public Radio

Editor's note: The Report for America program was mentioned in this conversation. While The 21st Show partner station Northern Public Radio/WNIJ is part of the program, our producing station Illinois Public Media/WILL is not.