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Multiple investigations and resignations connected to WTVP, PBS in Peoria

WTVP, the PBS member station in Peoria.

WTVP, the PBS member station in Peoria. Photo from WTVP's Facebook Page

There are multiple investigations at WTVP, the PBS member station in Peoria, over allegations that donor money has been used improperly or without authorization. In October of 2023, several people were laid off. During that same month, president and CEO Lesley Matuszak resigned. The next day, she died by suicide, according to the Peoria County coroner's office. Since then, the Illinois Attorney General's Office and the Peoria Police Department have launched investigations into WTVP. In January 2024, we had the resignation of Chairman Andrew Rand and 10 other members of the WTVP Board of Directors. Click here to learn more about the WTVP board and the latest press releases.


Julian Wyllie

TV, Personnel and Federal Funding Reporter at Current: News for Public Media

John Wieland

WTVP Board Chair (January 2024)

CEO, MH Equipment Company