The 21st Show

Politics News Roundup - May 24, 2024


We'll start this week's politics roundtable with a look at national news.

On the 21st, we've had several conversations about the plans to change the structure of the U.S. Postal Service. Today, we'll learn more about what our elected representatives had to say about those potential changes.

There is an ongoing controversy around the upside-down U.S. flag that flew at Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito's house. At Alito's vacation home, a Revolutionary War-era flag was seen. Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois, who heads the Senate Judiciary Committee, is one of the people who holds the levers of power to decide where this goes from here. We'll talk about the possible outcomes that could come from this.

Lastly, we'll learn more about a new Farm Bill.

After, we'll focus on Illinois politics.

Today was supposed to be the last day of the regular session for the Illinois Legislature, but it became clear that there were still sticking points in the budget among the Democrats who hold supermajorities. As we go to air Friday morning, the word is that there is a budget agreement. On the show, we'll talk about what some of the disagreements were, how they were resolved and the highlights of the budget deal. 

To close off the show, we'll discuss the state's biometric data privacy law and other bills that have been seeing action. 


Linda Kenyon

Illinois Public Media Washington Reporter

Hannah Meisel

Reporter, Capitol News Illinois