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Award-winning podcast from the Invisible Institute retells the Lenard Clark case


Invisible Institute

The podcast “You Didn’t See Nothin” is part memoir, part true-crime investigation of the 1997 hate crime. It tells the story of Lenard Clark, a Black 13-year-old who was beaten by a group of older white teens after he rode his bike into their Chicago neighborhood. It’s also about Yohance Lacour, the creator of the podcast, and his own experience with the criminal justice system 

Last month, it earned two of the most prestigious awards in journalism: the Pulitzer Prize for audio, and a Peabody Award.

Today, Yohance tells us about what inspired him to create the project, how it relates to his personal experiences and what he hopes people learn from the story. 


Yohance Lacour

Writer, Invisible Institute