The 21st Show

Relax, Mom & Dad — The Kids Are Alright (cc by-nc)

Lenore Skenazy, founder of the free-range kids movement and Let Grow, a nonprofit that aims to “counter the culture of overprotection,” says social distancing and quarantine offers kids the opportunity to break out of regimented schedules and explore what for many will be a new concept: free time.

In 2008, Skenazy wrote a column in the New York Sun about how she dropped her then-9-year-old son off at a store in Manhattan, and let him find his own way home using public transportation. After getting national attention (and some criticism), Skenazy started the Free-Range Kids blog and Let Grow, which encourage parents to raise self-reliant children, challenging the idea that kids are always in danger.

Speaking on The 21st Show, Skenazy says since stay-at-home orders have disrupted daily routines, she's seen more kids trying new hobbies, going outside and learning new skills. Because of post-traumatic growth, she says she trusts adults and kids alike will come out of quarantine more appreciative and resilient.

Guest: Lenore Skenazy, founder of the Let Grow non-profit and the Free-Range Kids movement. 

Web post prepared by WILL intern Sidney Madden