Reporter Roundtable: Madigan Updates & Campaigns

House Speaker Michael Madigan

House Speaker Michael Madigan

Brian Mackey

As we go to air September 14, 2020, Illinois is reporting more than 261,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic — and again this is known cases; experts say the actual number of people who’ve been infected with coronavirus disease in Illinois is probably significantly higher. Beyond that, 8,309 people have died from the disease here.

Near the end of last week, a bipartisan panel of members of the Illinois House met to consider misconduct charges against the speaker of the Illinois House. A day later, a longtime Democrat in the state Senate stepped down, the result of a federal tax evasion case.

The 21st spoke to two politics reporters to hear more about details of the ongoing case.


Tony Arnold, politics reporter for WBEZ

Rachel Hinton, politics reporter for Chicago Sun-Times


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