Silver Linings Of The COVID-19 Quarantine

Photograph of a family.

Photograph of a family.

Carlotta Roma

Editor's Note: This segment first aired on The 21st in June 2020. 

As Illinois moves on to the next phase of reopening the state, many are beginning to sense a gradual return to “normal.” Life in quarantine has of course been extremely challenging in many ways, but it has also forced us to reevaluate some of those so-called “normal” parts of life pre-pandemic. 

Somewhere in all that social distancing and quarantining are some silver linings: whether it be a realization gained, a new habit, or just having had a chance to spend more quality time with family.

We talked with a staff writer for VOX’s Future Perfect to discuss her recent article, “The coronavirus has changed us — and it’s not all bad.” 

On our "Text The 21st" texting group we asked listeners the question: What unexpected positive realizations, lessons or habits did you discover during quarantine? Here are some of your responses:

"Because our parks did not shut down, disc golf has gained more players in the last few months." -Wilbur from Rantoul, IL

"A couple of weeks into my kids being home from school, I was trying to understand how the quarantine was affecting them. I suddenly realized the amazing number of people who would love on my kids every day at school: a reassuring "good morning, Eddie" from the bus driver, a high five from the principal on his way through the door, a "way to go!" from the PE teacher when he completes the obstacle course, a loving smile and a "how are you today?!" from the lunch lady he loves..a hug in the hall from our favorite reading specialist.. Not to mention the encouragement and assistance and guidance from his classroom teacher all day long. Of course a school day is never perfect and it comes with ups and downs. But there is a village of people who invest in my kiddos throughout a school day, and no matter how hard I tried, I could not replace that during our time schooling at home. I am more grateful than ever for the little moments of community and support our school offers my kids." -Angie from Onarga, IL


Sigal Samuel, staff writer for VOX’s Future Perfect


Prepared for web by Zainab Qureshi.

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