Summer Road Trips


Matthew Dillon

For many of us, summer means traveling to a vacation spot or maybe to visit loved ones. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, extra precautions are needed to stay healthy. Here in Illinois, there are several places within reasonable driving distance where you can also remain a reasonable distance from others. The 21st speaks with a freelance travel writer and backpacker and is based here in Illinois about some outdoor destinations. 

You can join our new texting initiative- it’s called “Text The 21st.” You can join by texting TALK to 217-803-0730. Yesterday we asked our texting group: What’s your favorite spot [to roadtrip] that would still be relatively safe to visit despite the pandemic? 

We got a response from Jan from Savoy who said one of her favorite spots was the "Grounds of Japan House at U of I."

Another listener from Savoy- Stephen says: “I appreciate the calm of Hessel Park where I can enjoy the shade of trees and visit friends at a distance.”

We got another response from a listener in Rockford who said one of their favorite spots was Rock Cut Park in Rockford. They said “It's huge - space for everyone. And it's well maintained.”


Erica Zazo, freelance travel writer and backpacker


Prepared for web by Zainab Qureshi

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