The 21st Show

Understanding misophonia


Misophonia is a condition where certain sounds, such as chewing food or ruffling paper, produce strong emotional reactions in people, sometimes even with physical symptoms, such as increased blood pressure.

While the DSM-5 does not recognize this disorder, research around misophonia itself is relatively young. UIUC's Professor Berenbaum and Professor Husain join us on the show to share data from their international study of misophonia. We'll hear about what goes on in the brain during misophonia episodes, potential overlaps with other disorders, and what's next for their research.

We’re also joined by Cris Edwards on the show. Not only is Edwards an advocate for individuals with misophonia, but he also personally experiences the condition. He will discuss his journey with misophonia, including his experiences before he was aware of the disorder, its impact on his relationships, and the strategies he uses to manage triggers such as loud chewing.

If you’re interested in participating in the misophonia research study, email or visit


Howard Berenbaum

Professor, Department of Psychology, UIUC

Fatima Husain

Professor, Department of Speech and Hearing Science, UIUC

Cris Edwards

Founder and president, (misophonia advocacy & support non-profit)