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Undoing community violence and trauma


AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda

Today, we bring the ideas of gun violence, mental health and trauma together to talk about the cycle this can create: people witness violence in their community or their home and then contribute to the violence in their community or home. This cycle can be that much harder to interrupt in places where access to trauma-informed care and mental health services are lacking. Our guests — community resilience workers, a social worker, and a state representative with a personal connection to the issue of community violence — are all working to change this.


Anterrio Sims 

Works with healing communities and community violence response, Trauma & Resilience Initiative, Inc.

Karen C. Simms 

Founding Director, Trauma & Resilience Initiative, Inc.

Rep. Jehan Gordon Booth

Illinois State Representative representing the 92nd district and House Speaker Pro Tempore.

Theresa Yehling, LCSW 

Manager, STRIVE Trauma Recovery Center | OSF Healthcare Saint Anthony Medical Center, Rockford



Prepared for web by Owen Henderson

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