Why Voting for Down-Ballot Elected Positions Matter


Ray Explores

The 21st spoke to some down-ballot politicians around the state of Illinois to provide listeners with some context and understanding of some of these less-covered elected offices.  Because it would be impossible to cover the hundreds of down-ballot races in counties across the state, and give each candidate equal time, we talked with candidates running in uncontested races. While these candidates are running uncontested, ballots and counties may differ, and there may very well be a competitive race for some of these elected positions depending on the listener area.


Julia Rietz, Democratic four-term Champaign County State’s Attorney running unopposed this cycle for a fifth term

Rob Russell, Republican two-term Kane County Coroner running unopposed for a third term this November

Neill Mohammad, Democratic candidate for DeKalb County Board District 9, running unopposed this cycle


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Brian in Pekin said, in part: “At this point, I have lost faith in not only federal government, but also local. I see many amendments made to benefit only the local government and not what is best for the communities.”

Katie in Monmouth said, in part: “I do think local elections are just as important as federal ones, but it can be hard to get all the information needed in rural areas.”

Christine in Jacksonville: “For me this election I view most of the local races as a referendum on the changes that I think need to happen on the state and national level and that is primarily how I voted.”

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