Your Voice: Illinoisans React To The Capitol Breach

People attend a rally in support of President Donald Trump Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, outside the State Capitol in downtown Denver.

People attend a rally in support of President Donald Trump Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, outside the State Capitol in downtown Denver.

(AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Pro-Trump extremists breached the Capitol yesterday. We wanted to know what people in Illinois thought and how they reacted to the news, so we asked The 21st texting group. Read what they had to say below.

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"I'm thinking about how the day started with the news that new Illinois congresswoman Mary Miller had approvingly quoted Hitler, and somehow the day only got worse from there"

"A much more measured response than against BLM protestors. Trump enjoyed every minute. I hope this showed the republicans who objected (or planned to) today how dangerous it is to support these blatant lies about our electoral process. Sadly, Trump is only a symptom to a larger problem in this country of white tribalism." - Trevor, Mt. Zion

"This is a disgrace in our democracy. I have told Rep. Davis that his failure to support the peaceful transition of power has contributed to this violent outrage. I want to see prosecution of those who entered the building which led to a death. I want the Republican leadership to sanction those who fueled this violence by their useless protest of American votes. I want the President to be denounced by his party!" - Stephen, Savoy

"I'm not surprised. I grew up in Monticello and I know men like him." - Brodie, Champaign

"The first woman elected to be a US Representative from my small Illinois hometown made positive reference to Hitler in reference to capturing on the national mall today. One videographer who captured it said "she said the quiet part!" Feeling? Disgusted. People like Mary Miller and the folks who elected her are why I do not feel comfortable taking my biracial family to my hometown. Because the quiet parts." - Matt, Champaign

"I feel exhausted and traumatized;I can't even imagine what people close to this dangerous circus experienced. All I wanna hear is. Vote counted. Then impeach. Hold him accountable or it will never end"

"The only rightful step is to implement the 25th amendment after the president overtly encouraged the terrorists. Anything less than that is a travesty"

"Feeling so sad and can't believe this is our country. Trump has caused all of this and should be held accountable."

"From a citizen standpoint, I am utterly embarrassed by how other nations perceive Americans right now. I am horrified by the sitting President's behavior and by his short video statement this afternoon where he stands by his claims of an illegitimate election. Inauguration Day cannot come soon enough. I am hopeful for the future given the Georgia runoff results." - Christine, Jacksonville, IL

"Feel if it was a group of Native Americans, Black Lives Matter, Muslims or any other group seeking truth and justice all hell would have broken loose and many demonstrators would have been killed with no pause... Arrest all those who chose to storm the Capitol and press to full extent of law for these 'law matters' folks ... what to tell future generations- a dark dark day in American History, but not the only one... take away - people in public office that instigated and prodded be also held responsible"

"Would love to know what other group of protesters would've been given so much liberty to trespass and destroy government property without intervention." - Marge, New Berlin Illinois

"I'm feeling horrified and thinking about the Black leaders and activists who were warning us for four years that this was going to happen. Next steps are that Trump should be removed from office immediately and thrown in prison for treason, followed by any member of Congress who continues to support an overthrow of the will of the people. I'm not sure what I'll tell future generations, but the takeaway from today is that american democracy is fragile and we need bold, progressive leaders to overhaul our constitution so this doesn't happen again." Kyle, Champaign